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Increasing Tithes
& Offerings

Increasing Tithes
& Offerings







Let's talk Money in the Ministry!

We are Wealth Greatness Group and part of our mission is to provide a realistic faith-based approach to achieve financial prosperity AND to “Helping God’s People Take Back Their Rightful Place”!


A financial stewardship platform

Learn How to Create, Save, Increase, Protect and Multiply YOUR Money.

Secure your lifestyle and it's legacy While Expanding His Vision for His People

(according to his word)

Deuteronomy 8:18

"for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today."

Hosea 4:6

"my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge."


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"Escape for your life! Do not look behind you, and do not stay anywhere in the valley; escape to the mountains, or you will be swept away."
Genesis 19:17
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Why are we here?


  • Churches a trying to recover
  • Tithing is at an all-time low
  • Outreaches have been reduced
  • Churches are struggling to stay open
  • Members are facing hardships
  • Many are living paycheck to paycheck
  • Families are drifting apart
  • Marriages are failing

Our Vision

God's people need a solution, and we have the Complete Financial Stewardship Platform to assist the Church during this time of crisis and beyond.

We want to help the everyday person, particularly God's people. God-fearing people understand that by applying biblical principles, principles already set forth in his word, will allow them to experience the promise that he has made.

Our Mission

We bring financial mastery to the body of Christ. We want to provide the Church & Church Members with the same STRATEGIES and EXPERTS used by the wealthy, to overcome the financial challenges created by our Tax, Credit, Banking and Educational Systems.

Proverbs 22:1 A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, Loving favor rather than silver and gold.

Our Process

We provide financial advice from qualified experts without having to pay $200-$300 per hour.

Romans 13:6-7 - (6)For because of this you also pay taxes, for they are God's ministers attending continually to this very thing. (7)Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.

Our Team

Our Wealth Accumulation Experts can help you turn your Tax, Credit & Debt Savings into Wealth!

Proverbs 13:22 - A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children, But the wealth of a sinner is stored up for the righteous.

Proverbs 22:7 - The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower IS servant to the lender.

Increasing Tithes & Offerings

Tithing increase using the MWR Membership as a "Financial Edge" & Financial Stewardship Program for the church!

Funding Missions & Missionary Efforts

Missionaries need funds. They cannot do their work without it. The MWR Membership earns revenue for the church!

Outreach & Community Projects

Outreach ministry is a common practice that helps a church spread God's word and share his love with the community and the world at large. MWR is the COMPLETE Financial Stewardship Program for the church!

Let our experts do the work

OUR Programs

Own your Home

Secure Your Dream Home with MWR

MWR Keys to Home-Ownership is a proven system that clears the way for you to become a homeowner regardless of your past credit history or current credit scores.

REduce My Taxes

Instant Pay Raise

Let us help you keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket and receive an instant pay raise in 4 easy steps.

Lower My Bills

Bill Negotiation

Our Professional Bill Negotiators can help you lower your re-occurring monthly bills: Cable/Satellite, Cell Phone, Security, Internet, Utilities, Insurance, and a whole lot more.

Eliminate My Debt

Everyone qualifies to use this powerful program​

What would your life look like if your DEBT was ZERO? Well… By simply plugging all of your debts into the MWR Debt Elimination system, we can provide you with a detailed monthly plan of action to eliminate all of your debts, in record time.

Restore My Credit

Get the credit you deserve

Are you one of the over 80% of Americans with less than perfect credit? If so, this could be costing you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in interest, down payments and insurance premium overpayments.

Trust My Assets

Choose the Path That is Right For You

Our Trust Experts provide everything you need to protect your assets, while legally and ethically eliminating income tax liabilities, so you can build, live, and leave a legacy.

Private Reserve Account

Create a money multiplier effect with your own bank.

Looking for the best way to save, grow and protect your money tax-free without risk of loss? Learn the advantages of having your very own Private Reserve Account.

Diversified Cashflow Account

Become your own bank & put your savings on steroids.

There are many benefits to becoming your own bank. Borrowing from yourself and continue to earn interest and dividends on the money you borrow is just one of them.

MWR Land Banking

Remove the guess work of being a Real Estate Investor.

MWR Land Banking gives you an opportunity to purchase segments of some of the most sought-after pieces of real estate in the U.S. And best of all – these properties are made available to you at an average of 20%-40% below their current market value.

Precious Metals

Accumulate Assets That Grow in Value

Our Experts provide Buy Recommendations and Strategies that put you in the most favorable position to profit from your Precious Metal Purchases.

Health Share

Healthcare costs in the U.S. have more than tripled in the last 20 years and MWR has the solution.

Our HealthShare Experts can help qualified members replace their existing health insurance with a Health Sharing Plan at a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing quality/service. (Coverage also available for ITIN Members without a SS#)


Real Members, Real Financial Success


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