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Minted Opulence Travel

WGG invites you to seize control of your vacations with our travel advisors at Minted Opulence Travel Agency. Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of luxury at the most coveted travel destinations across the globe.

Your Wealth Greatness Group membership is more than a pass to indulgence, it's an invitation to a world where every stay is a masterpiece, tailored to your desires. Whether it's a fleeting three-day escape or a leisurely week-long retreat, your getaway will be carved to perfection.

Our Travel Club knows what it means to vacation well

We do more than plan your trips.

Minted Opulence advisors are very educated in the travel industry, answering any questions and finding the right vacation for you, no matter your travel style or budget. With your personal Minted Opulence Advisor, stress less and explore more.

All-inclusive resorts
Destination Weddings
Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
Family Reunions
religious retreats
Team Building/training
Business Trips/conferences


Rental Cars
Travel Insurance

We've got you covered

and we do it all for you!!!!!

You don't just want to visit a country.

You want to explore it.

You don't just want to sample the local cuisine.

You want to experience it.

You don't just want to lay your towel.

You want to escape to a tropical paradise and immerse yourself in the culture.

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Your dream vacation is just a few clicks away.


Member Only Rates

As a distinguished member of WGG Luxury Travel Club, you will relish the assurance of luxury stays and impeccable treatment. Enjoy a stay with any of our partners at unbeatable rates, guaranteed!

Real People

We know YOU. We genuinely care about you and your travel needs, emotions, passions, and budget.

Custom Travel

We build vacations tailored just for YOU. We find the best value for your budget while including exclusive upgrades, added amenities, and excursions that fit your personality—perfectly.

Working With You - Not Just For You

Love planning vacations? We will only add to your passion with insider knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and exclusive offers. If you don't, then sit back, relax, and let your Minted Opulence Advisor handle everything for you!.

Best Travel Price Guarantee

Buy with confidence! Book and confirm any type of travel through your Minted Opulence Advisor, and we guarantee you won't find a lower price.

Group Travel Packages

Your WGG Membershipp allos you access to group travel packages at the lowest rates GUARANTEED!

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